PUBLICATION DATE:  October 15, 2018




Lionheart, the third and final book in the Moonshadow trilogy is Thea Harrison’s writing at her best.
This book… the writing, story and characters are the reason I started reading Ms Harrsion’s work in the first place and continue to “1-chick” her books as soon as they’re available.
She’s one of the few authors I tri-buy (paperback, digital, and audio).

Oberon, King of the Dark Fae was an amazing character to read.
Of all the characters in the Elder Races books, Oberon is one of the most powerful, intelligent, loyal, and loved by his people… but it is also these characteristics also make him one of the deadliest as well.

lionheart teasers from th 8

Even when he was losing his battle against the poison inside of his body, he knew enough to put himself in stasis in order to survive, but also so he wouldn’t destroy the ones he loved.

The other protagonist in the story, Dr Kathryn Shaw was the perfect character to compliment him.
She was strong, intelligent, loyal and compassionate.

lionheart teasers form th 2

The chemistry, interest, awareness, respect and trust gradually grew between Oberon and Kathryn, but once it did, this couple was unstoppable.

lionheart teasers from th 3

I loved reading Oberon and Kathryn’s story.

lionheart teasers from th 1

This was an amazing read and a wonderful conclusion to the Moonshadow series.
I highly recommend this book.

“I’m voluntarily reading an ARC of this book which has been provided by the Author.”


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