Review of Nightfall (Blood Magic, #1) by L.H. Cosway

Nightfall (Blood Magic, #1) by L.H. Cosway


Tegan encounters all kinds of crazies working the night shift at a 24-hour grocery store. None of them, however, have anything on the handsome stranger who comes in one night and helps her fend off an armed robber. He looks the thief directly in the eye and without confrontation convinces him to turn around and walk out the door.

Tegan has never seen anything like it, nor does she understand why he then lays those mesmerising eyes on her and tells her to forget they ever met. She shrugs it off as just another weird night shift encounter, until the following evening when her best friend produces free passes to a new club in the city. Tegan agrees to go and is pleasantly surprised by the tasteful, classy décor and oddly beautiful, intensely ethereal clientele. To her surprise, her mysterious stranger is sitting smack dab in the VIP section. What are the chances?!

Tegan is struck by the coincidence of bumping into him again so soon, while he is furious that she remembers him when he insisted she forget their meeting. Tegan has no idea that she’s taken a misstep into a whole new world inhabited by vampires, slayers, dhampirs, witches and warlocks. All of whom display a wholly disconcerting interest in what makes her unique from the rest of the clueless humans who populate the city. On top of this, her handsome stranger keeps turning up at her work and seems intent on getting to know her a whole lot better.

Nightfall is book one in L.H. Cosway’s Blood Magic Series. A previous, unedited version of this story was published under the title Tegan’s Blood

Nightfall by L.H. Cosway

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“4- Knights in shining armor don’t exist. There’s always a catch, Stars!”

L.H. Cosway is one of my favorite authors, and she’s one of my 1-click automatic buys.
So, when I heard she was releasing this series, I was really excited.

Nightfall is the first book in the “Blood Magic” tetrology.

Once again L.H. has created very interesting, and unique characters.
In this paranormal series, she’s created a world where Vampires, Warlocks, Witches, and shapeshifters exist but are unknown to the common folk.

This is a story of an average girl being at the wrong place at the wrong time and having the world as she knows it immediately being turned upside down.

I really enjoyed Ian and Tegan’s characters.
They are likable and engaging.
The attraction and chemistry between the two is wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

This is a good start to the series.

“I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the author.

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