Moonglow (Blood Magic, #2) by L.H. Cosway is Now Available on Kindle Unlimited!


After six months in hiding, a familiar face walks into Tegan’s new life with a proposition. A little girl has been kidnapped and she’s the only one who can help rescue her.

But there’s a catch. To rescue the girl, Tegan must return to the city she once called home and fool the vampire she’s been harbouring feelings for all this time.

She must play the role of a spy, and though she’s supposed to be pretending, as soon as she lays eyes on Ethan all those feelings she tried to suppress come flooding back. Her biggest fear is him discovering the truth, because then he might just end up hating her forever.

Moonglow by L.H. Cosway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was SO GOOD!
We got to get a little bit more background about this paranormal world L.H. has created, and the rules and rulers that govern it.
We also got to get to know Tegan a little better as well as Finn, Rita, and of course Ian.

The ending.
My Gawd!
I want the third book now!

Great read!
Great characters!
Great writing!

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*** Moonglow is book #2 in L.H. Cosway’s Blood Magic Series. A previous unedited version of this story was published under the title Tegan’s Return.***

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