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Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full review posted August 3, 2015

5 -“Finally seeing what’s been right in front of you all along – tale of two twins” Stars!

Once again Penny Reid has spun a fantastic tale with wonderful, unique characters and an amazing story-line.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this book since I was first introduced to Duane and Jessica in Penny’s short story “Double Dare” in the Anthology .

The only thing that pacified me over the past few months was the note that Penny left at the beginning of the short story “Double Dare” saying that this was the beginning of the first book in the Winston Brother’s series… and that it would be released in the beginning of summer 2015.

When I received the arc copy of this book a week before it’s release I literally devoured the book in one sitting…yep, it’s that good!

Right from the beginning the reader is drawn into the writing and the characters.

This story is about Jessica and Duane.
Duane has a twin brother Beau, who is considered the ‘nice’ one. He’s outgoing and charming.

Duane on the other hand is considered the ‘bad’ one. He’s broody and quiet, and when he does speak he doesn’t mince words. He says it like it is and doesn’t sugar-coat it.

Jessica is smart and level headed so it made sense to her that she would be drawn to Beau, so much so that that she gets tongue-tied whenever he’s around. Duane on the other hand has been Jessica’s adversary for as long as she can remember. When they were younger it seemed Duane went out of his way to torment and bully Jessica whenever he could, but rest assured Jessica gave as good as she got.

The story begins with Jessica attending a Halloween jam session and dinner at the community center. Jessica is also the high-school math teacher. She’s obviously smart, funny, and weird (all the things I love in Penny Reid’s characters!).

An incident occurs of mistaken identity when Jessica and (who she assumes is) Beau have a hot and heavy make-out session behind the stage at the community center. Jessica later realizes that it was really Duane pretending to be Beau. Jessica is shocked, angry and mortified to discover this, but can’t seem to get the feel of Duane’s touch and kisses out of her mind.

Duane had decided long ago that Jessica was the only one for him. He has waited for his chance to court her, and when the opportunity presented itself at the community center, he took it. He has been waiting patiently to finally be with the only girl he has ever loved.

This story is about two people have a chance to finally get to really know one another. They’re shocked and surprised to discover that they really like one another, and that they have a lot in common because they share many of the same memories.

As their relationship slowly grows, Jessica and Duane have to go through a lot of obstacles which include bearded brothers, and a blackmailing biker gang to get to where their meant to be.

This is a wonderful start to the Winston Brother’s series!
I can’t wait to read the next installment! ❤

“An copy of this wonderfully written book that was filled with amazing characters was provided by Penny Reid via Indiesage in exchange for an honest review”.

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