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Sometimes, a one night stand simply won’t do…
In this collection, three pairs of strangers each spend a night of passion together, only to find it hard to say goodbye the following morning. Love at first sight isn’t enough to build a stable relationship though, is it? Follow these couples while they deal with income disparity, age gaps and bucket loads of family pressure on their journeys towards love and happiness. Will they each get their happily ever after?

One Night Stand
Lucy has always had everything under control: her business, as well as her (non-existent) love life. Then big, burly biker George comes along and turns her worldview up-side-down. Their one night stand is about to turn into something a lot more complicated.

Beautiful Stranger
Claudia and Peter meet by chance at the side of the road and stumble into a whirlwind affair. She’s a down-to-earth 24 year old with a dead-end job, he’s older, loaded and married, at least for now. What could possibly go wrong?

Only a Taste
Mandi is about to move back in with her conservative Punjabi parents. If there’s one thing she doesn’t need, it’s complications, but they turn up anyway, when she spends her last night of freedom with a handsome stranger. Famous TV Chef Callum is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Mandi. Whether her parents approve or not…





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