Book Release and Review: Catch and Release (Fishing for Trouble, #3) by Laura Drewry

Catch and Release (Fishing for Trouble, #3)Catch and Release by Laura Drewry
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CATCH AND RELEASE (Fishing for Trouble, #3)
Publisher: Loveswept (Feb 28, 2017)


Ronan O’Donnell is finally back at the Buoys permanently and it’s a good thing, too, because even though his brothers have done a great job of getting the fishing lodge back up and running, it hasn’t been without its share of craziness and emotional upheaval. Unlike Liam and Finn, though, Ro knows better than to let something like love cloud his thinking or get him into any kind of upheaval. He learned that lesson the hard way and he’s not about to let another woman get anywhere close to what’s left of his heart.

So while he’s genuinely happy for his brothers, he’s pretty sure their minds are focused more on Kate and Jessie than the lodge, which is fine except that a new film crew is about to arrive and someone needs to make sure they don’t turn the Buoys into a three-ring circus. Sure, the O’Donnells might have agreed to let Hooked film there, and they might even have agreed to let the show into their personal lives, but there are still a few things—private things—that Ro refuses to share with the crew; things he’s refused to share with anyone his entire life, and he’s fully prepared to keep it that way.

What he’s not prepared for is how hard and fast he falls for the show’s producer, Hope Seaver, or for the way he finds himself wanting to share everything with her. Everything. But if he does, he’ll be leaving himself vulnerable, open for her to easily destroy, and that’s something he really needs to be prepared for.

He’s not.

Not even close.

My thoughts

I absolutely adored the final book in the “Fishing for Trouble” series.
The characters were wonderfully written, sexy, and irresistible.

I loved Ronan!
I loved his strength and his vulnerability. He’s so used to having the weight of the world on his shoulders and looking after the people he loves (his brother’s), that he doesn’t know how to open himself and trust because it’s a risk that might destroy him.

The story was well developed and had me engaged right till the very end.
What I love most about this story is where this series takes place.
The western coast of Canada is one of my favorite places in the whole world.
Ms. Drewry does an amazing job of describing the scenery, and essence of the area so well- you’d think
you were right there with the characters.

The author shared this video of Chris Pratt cleaning and gutting a fish. I agree with her that he has Liam’s part down perfect.…

This is a great ending to one of my favorite series’.
If you want to read a fantastic series with sexy, charming, outdoorsy type men and unique, strong sexy women then this is the series for you.

I can’t wait to read what Laura Drewry writes next!

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“Hope shook Finn’s and Liam’s hands, smiling all the while as she consciously focused on maintaining slow easy breaths. No problem.

You got this.

And then she turned to greet Ronan. From the photos in the Hooked files, she’d cataloged every detail about him—about all of them—so deep in her brain that she could have described him perfectly even with her eyes closed.

From the green eyes, to the single freckle in the middle of his left cheek, to the three lines creasing his forehead. From the way he wore his thick brown hair just short enough that he probably only combed it with his fingers, to the way he stood a good inch or so taller than both of his brothers, and the way he always wore his watch on his right wrist. And, yeah, okay, she’d noticed the way his shoulders and biceps stretched the fabric of his T-shirts. Like it was doing now. Whatever. The point was, none of this was new to her; she knew all of it and more.

And yet not a single one of those details, nor any of the others she’d stored up, prepared her for the real Ronan O’Donnell—for the way his eyes weren’t just green but a soft mossy color that looked at her with something more like surprise than the blatant anger she’d expected; for the way his strong handshake, hesitant as it was, somehow infused a bit of strength in her; and for how much actual space he took up.

Sure, she could have chalked up the crowding to the number of people on the dock or to the fact that the low-lying clouds made the whole cove feel socked in, but the fact was, Ronan James O’Donnell had a physical presence that was a little intimidating, a little daunting. Or at least it was right up until he spoke.

“Hope.” Ronan nodded slightly as he released her hand. “Good to meet you.”

It was silly to think he’d yell all the time, but it wasn’t until he spoke her name that she realized that’s exactly what she’d expected, exactly what she’d prepared herself for. It had to be why the deep warm timbre of his voice caught her off guard and sent crazy flutterings racing through her blood until she shivered them out as goosebumps.

Nerves, that’s all it was. Or maybe relief. She’d prepared herself to meet the loud, angry Ronan and she’d shored up her will to deal with that, to be on the defensive right from the get-go. But now . . . now she could relax a little, right?

Yeah, right. He might not be yelling, but suspicion lingered in his eyes, and if this was going to work, she’d need to find a way to get him to trust her. She needed all of them to trust her, to believe she was the one they could count on, the one who’d protect their interests while providing the network with a ratings winner. She needed to show the O’Donnells they had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Nothing except for the fact that she’d never been the one in charge before, she’d never done this on her own, and one wrong move would no doubt bring the whole show to a screeching halt, putting herself, Kevin, and Chuck out of work.

But other than that . . . yeah . . . no worries.

“Thanks,” she said, pushing what she hoped looked like a bright, confident smile. “Good to meet you, too.”

She tucked the straps of her bag high on up on her shoulder, then set in to help off-load the rest of the bags and equipment. Once everything was stacked on the dock, the pilot didn’t hang around; he just locked up the hold, climbed back inside the cockpit, and waved as Kevin untied the plane and shoved it away from the dock.

It took a bit of juggling, but once they’d stored some of the gear on Finn’s boat and everyone was loaded down with the rest of the bags, Liam led them all up the dock toward the lodge. Kevin walked next to him, followed by Finn and Chuck, which left Hope to pull up the rear with Ronan.

“Here.” Shifting the bags he already had, he reached for one of hers, but Hope shook her head.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I got it. Thanks.”

The bags were freakin’ heavy, and the drizzle was making the hard-plastic handles slippery, but she needed Ronan and everyone else at the Buoys to believe she was fully capable, not some ridiculous delicate flower who couldn’t handle things. And while the rational side of her brain knew that carrying bags had absolutely nothing to do with how well she did her job, it was the principle of the matter.

So onward she trudged, and even though the rest of them were already well ahead, Ronan stayed with her, walking in silence, and looking very much as if he’d rather be getting his chest waxed. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of hundred meters from the dock to the stairs, but it felt like miles, especially with neither of them saying anything.

Come on, Hope. You’ve read everything there is to read on this place-you know its specs, you know its history, you even know how many fish they caught last season. Say something! Anything. Talk about the weather, for God’s sake.

“Did you know that Texas horned toads can shoot blood out of the corners of their eyes?”‘

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