Blog Tour/Review: Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding (Sexy Billionaires , #1) by Victoria Davies

Right Billionaire, Wrong WeddingRight Billionaire, Wrong Wedding by Victoria Davies

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Author: Victoria Davies
Sexy Billionaires, #1
Publication Date: October 10, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary Romance

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Darian King has never met a challenge he couldn’t handle. Running a billion-dollar corporation? Piece of cake. Hostile takeovers? A walk in the park. But when his little sister begs him to plan her wedding, Darian finds himself less than prepared for the task. Luckily, he knows just who to ask for help.Allison Reed wants nothing more than to leave King Enterprises behind. Being the personal assistant to a man like Darian is a 24/7 job. Asking her to help plan a wedding is simply the icing on the stress-filled cake but to leave she needs a glowing reference and will do anything to get it. Even plan a wedding with the man of her dreams.

Stepping outside the office has unexpected consequences. Darian doesn’t believe in relationships, yet he’s starting to see Allison in a whole new light. But he doesn’t know her secret, and she fears that by the time the vows are exchanged, she won’t just be leaving her job behind but her heart as well.


My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story.
The characters were wonderful and well-developed, and the story had me engaged and eager to see what would happen next.
I was cheering for this couple right from the beginning.

I really enjoyed Allison’s character. She was strong, intelligent, and loyal (almost to a fault).
She was a great partner for Darian.
Darian (her boss) is brilliant in the boardroom. He’s smart, strong, and would do anything for his sister, who he’s looked after since his parents were killed when he was a teenager.
At work and in his personal life, he’s totally focused and in control.
He doesn’t do relationships, nor does he let anyone get too close to him.
He can’t risk losing anybody he cares for, so he keeps everyone at a distance.
That is… until he starts planning his sister’s wedding, and begins to spend time with Allison outside of work. He’s beginning to see her in a new light.
The attraction is mutual.
Allison has been in semi-in-love with Darian since she first started working for him, but being on call for Darian at work 24/7 , and living and breathing work has made her realize that she is just a shadow to him.
She’s fed up and wants more.
She wants a life.
She wants a partner.
She wants a family.
Her last project before she resigns from Darian’s company is to help plan a wedding for his sister.
She decides to take a risk and give into her attraction to Darian because even if it doesn’t work out with him, she’ll still be leaving.
What she didn’t realize was how much she truly loves him.

Their chemistry is off the charts, and they can’t seem to get enough of each other.



I was the edge of my seat towards the end, and I couldn’t seem to read fast enough to see what would happen.
Loved the ending!
Kudos to Ms. Davies for a wonderful start to a new series!



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