I <3 Geeks by Stephanie Kayne

I Heart GeeksI Heart Geeks by Stephanie Kayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“A copy of this book has been provided by Indiesage PR in exchange for an honest review”

I LOVE reading the introduction to a book. It gives me a sense of where the author is coming from when they wrote their story and what (or who) influenced them to write it.

The author of the introduction of this anthology is the editor Susan Renee Page.
When I read her introduction my heart was bursting because of what she wrote here:
“…sure there were geeks in a few stories and even some main characters, but the majority of portrayals were unflattering until the inevitable makeover that was necessary to become appealing. To me it seemed like Romance, geeks couldn’t be loved as they were.
And I was tired of it!
Thus “I ❤ Geeks” was born, an anthology celebrating geeks finding love.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Be proud. Be geeky. Be you.”

 photo keepitrealhomies.gif

After reading this all I thought was, “This woman is a part of my tribe! She “gets” me (corny but true…I had a moment to myself. *sigh*)
ALL the short stories in this anthology feature unique, smart, sassy (and some extreme) characters.
Some of the stories were a little OTT, but hey it’s fiction and it was fun to read.

My favorite story, however, was THE GRAND TOUR by Leslie Ann Brown.
It was a little more serious than the rest of the stories in this compilation, and it was wonderfully written.

All in all, I enjoyed every story and hope to read more books like this!

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